A guide to opening your desktop PC's case.

remove case covers

This guide will show you how to remove your computer's case cover, it is fairly straightforward depending on your case manufacturer.

Here we cover both tower and desktop style cases.
safety first
Safety First
Before opening the case of your PC disconnect the mains power supply.

It is also advisable to unplug any other peripherals from the computer including network connections.

Types of computer cases

There are many different types of cases available, far too many to be covered in one tutorial so we will concentrate on the standard types and the way they open.

Tower cases
Tower cases (see fig 1.1 below) are hugely popular as they offer much more space than their desktop counterparts. This type of case normally opens up one of two ways, either separate panels on each side or one big sleeve that covers the top and both sides.

Separate panels
This type of tower case is usually opened by removing 2 or 3 screws on each side of the back of the case (see fig 1.1). Alternatively, on quick release type cases there may be one or more slidable latches which when moved in a certain direction releases the cover from the chassis. The latches should be clearly marked as to which direction releases the cover.

When you have removed the screws or moved the latches you will be able to slide the panels back to release them from the chassis of the case (see fig 1.2). Take care when removing the panel as the inside of computer cases can contain sharp surfaces.

Single sleeve
This type of case is opened by removing 4 or 6 screws (depending on case) from the back in a similar position to those in fig 1.1. When all of the fixing screws are removed slide the whole sleeve backwards, you may have to lift the back end of the sleeve slightly.
case-covers-fig-1-1 case-covers-fig-1-2
Desktop Cases
The most common desktop case is opened by removing 2 screws from each side of the case, and around 3 from the back of the case. Then slide the cover backwards, you may have to lift the back end of the cover slightly to remove it.
Whichever type of case you have if you are not sure about the way it opens then consult the manufacturer's literature as some manufacturers have special systems for opening their cases. Also, ensure that you will not breaking the terms of your warranty by opening the case as some manufacturers put a security seal which, if broken, can void the warranty.

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