How to make a letterhead in Microsoft Word ®

create letterhead word
Microsoft Word® is one of the most popular word processing packages around today, used by millions of people worldwide.

This tutorial will take you through the steps of creating a basic letterhead using Microsoft Word.

Preparing Microsoft Word for your Letterhead

The first step in our tutorial is to open Microsoft Word.

Usually word creates a new document when the program is opened. If you are not looking at a new document, click on file and then new from the menu (see fig 1.0 below).

create new document
The next step is to ensure your page settings are correct, see our guide to page setup if you need help checking and/or changing your page setup.

When you are happy with your page setup, the next stage is to place your logo (optional) and text into the header and footer sections of your letterhead.

Editing the Header and Footer in your letterhead template

view header and footer
To be able to place your text and/or logo inside the header and footer sections you need to view them.

To achieve this click on view and then Header and Footer, as shown in fig 1.1 on the right.

Your menu may have different options and/or be in a different order. If you cannot see the Header and Footer option, hover your mouse over view for a few seconds.

You will now see that the header and footer of your word document are outlined. We are going to edit the Header first, it should automatically be selected, if not click anywhere inside the Header box.
header box

Inserting your logo into the Header (optional)

insert logo into letterhead
To add your logo to your letterhead is very simple.

First click on insert, then picture, and then from file, as shown in fig 1.3 on the right.

You will then be able to locate your logo using windows explorer. Once you have located your logo, select it and click on the INSERT button.

Inserting text into the Header (optional)

To insert text into your letterhead, simply select the font style and size of the text you require, then enter the text into the header box.

Inserting your address or other details into the Footer

Once you have inserted your logo or text into the Header, it is time to add your address (or other details) into the footer of your letterhead.

Scroll down in your document until you see the footer box (see fig 1.5 below)
footer box

Select your font and the size of your text and enter the details into your footer.

When you have finished click on the close button on the Header and Footer Toolbar (see fig 1.6 below).
header and footer toolbar

Saving your Letterhead Template

The final step in creating your letterhead is to save the file for future use. To ensure you don't overwrite your template by mistake, it is a good idea to make the file "read-only".

This can be achieved by right-clicking on the file (after it has been saved) and selecting properties from the menu that appears, you will then see checkboxes which control the file's attributes. One of the checkboxes will be "read-only", simply tick this box and then click OK, this will stop the file being overwritten.

If you need to edit the template in the future, right-click, select properties, and uncheck the read-only attribute checkbox.

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