How to change themes in Windows XP.

change theme
Themes control the appearance of Windows XP, with themes you can change the desktop appearance, the look of icons, your screensaver, and have different sounds among other things.

Windows XP has some themes built-in, and you can also download themes from a variety of different places online. In this guide we will show you how to change your theme in Windows XP®.
Right-click anywhere on the desktop, and then select (left click) Properties from the menu that appears.

You will be presented with the display properties box, as seen in fig 1.1 below.

changing theme

Click on the small arrow that we have pointed out above and you will see a selection of themes from which to choose from.

As you can see in our example, we have 5 options:

My current theme = your current settings.

Windows Classic = if you are used to previous versions of windows, then this will be nice and familiar.

Windows XP = the default theme.

More themes online.. = allows you to look for more themes on the internet.

Browse... = if you have themes stored on your pc, for instance if you have downloaded any, then select this option and navigate to the folder where you have stored them.

When you have selected your theme, you can preview it by clicking on the apply button, when you are happy with the selected theme simply click OK.

The Save as button allows you to save your current theme (for instance if you made some manual changes to a preset theme).

The Delete button allows you to get rid of any themes you don't want.

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