How to change the desktop color in Windows XP.

change desktop color
There are several reasons you may want to change the desktop color, obviously you may just like a certain color but it can also make the icons more visible, for example, the color black gives great clarity.

Changing the background colour of your desktop is very straightforward, this guide will take you through the process with the aid of screenshots.
First right click on the desktop and then left click on Properties from the menu that appears.

The Display properties dialogue box will appear, click on the Desktop tab as shown below.


Next, click on the small arrow next to the current background colour (as seen above) to view available colours.

A small selection of colours will appear, these are basic colours, if you want a more varied selection then click on other and you will be presented with a wider choice.

When you have chosen a colour you can preview it by clicking on the apply button, when you are happy with your choice simply click the OK button.

note: the background colour will only change if don't have a background image on your desktop.

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