What is a URL?

URL - Uniform Resource Locator
This is the full unique address of a file, such as a webpage, on the Internet. For example. the URL of this page is: http://www.helpwithpcs.com/jargon/url.htm

Note: Technically URL is used erroneously instead of URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).
We will split an example URL into 5 parts:

  • http:
    • The protocol (scheme), in this case the HTTP protocol. Other common protocols (schemes) include HTTPS and FTP.
  • www.
    • This is the subdomain. The use of www is common for website addresses, although its use is not technically necessary. Some websites do not require the www subdomain at all, others do, it depends on the domain name's setup. Other common subdomains include ftp and news, which provide other methods of connecting to the server.
  • example.com is the domain name (or host).
    • The subdomain (see www above) and the domain name can be replaced by an IP address. For instance, www.example.com could be replaced with ( is a reserved IP address, only used for example).
  • content is the directory on the web server where the file is stored.
  • article.html is the file itself. In our example, the file is a HTML document.

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