What does SPAM mean and what is it?


SPAM refers to unsolicited commercial email. The SPAM problem is one that nearly every email user will experience, there are however, ways to decrease the amount of SPAM you receive.

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SPAM can come in a variety of forms, although the most common is unsolicited commercial email. SPAM emails can be very annoying, offensive, and clog up your inbox.

The golden rule when you receive a SPAM email is NOT TO REPLY.

Although the email will say something like:
"reply with unsubscribe in the subject line to be taken off our mailing list"
as soon as you reply you are confirming that your email address exists.

One way of stopping SPAM is to use an email filter. This is special software that filters incoming emails and stops any unsuitable images being seen.

One email that was doing the rounds and still is, is an email offering millions of dollars from some african king or similar. The email starts out by offering you a percentage of a ridiculous amount of money and all you have to do is provide a bank account for it to be transferred into.

However this is a con, it is widely known on the Internet (419 scam) but is still a big problem. What happens is they will end up telling you there is a problem with the transfer and you need to send a sum of money to enable them to complete the transfer.

Lots of people have been conned by this scam and lost vast amounts of money.

Beware: You will never receive any money!
For more about spam see our guide to help stop SPAM emails.

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