What does PDA mean and what is a PDA?

pda Personal Digital Assistant

A PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) refers to a hand-held device that incorporates several handy features. PDAs often include an address book, calendar, contacts list, and a memo feature.
Most modern PDAs support Internet access and include software you would normally find on an office computer, such as word processing and spreadsheet software.

Below are some typical features you will find in PDAs
  • Integrated WLAN adaptors
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • 320x240 screen resolution
  • USB ports
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
The operating systems are specially designed for PDAs, examples of which are Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. The performance depends on the processor speed and the amount of memory (RAM). A typical PDA would boast a 624MHz processor and 64MB of RAM. Also, most PDAs now support memory cards to allow you to increase the memory capacity of the device.

Modern PDAs offer touchscreen technology which, depending on the model, can provide much faster and more intuitive interaction than the older family of PDAs.

One of the most notable complaints from touchscreen PDA users is when it comes to text entry, on older models it could be cumbersome and frustrating. Many manufacturers have since provided the ability to connect external, full-size keyboards either via a USB cable, or a wireless connection protocol such as Bluetooth of infrared.

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