What does HTTP mean?

HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol
HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTP is a communication protocol used on the internet to allow the communication of 2 computers (devices).
HTTPS is a secure adaptation of HTTP, which you will find in common use on secure areas when visiting websites.
HTTP has been in use on the World Wide Web since around 1990 and refers to a client-server protocol, by which two computers can communicate over a network connection.

An example of a HTTP connection
The client (e.g. your computer) makes a request (e.g. you visit a website) to a server (the websites server). The server then responds accordingly to the request made (in our example, it would return the website).


HTTPS refers to a secure protocol that is using, for instance SSL. It was developed by the Netscape Communications Corporation to facilitate a secure connection for the client/server model.

The difference between using HTTPS and HTTP, is that with HTTPS there exists an extra layer of encrypted data, which is used for authentication.
For a list of HTTP codes click here.

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