What does HTML mean?

HTML - HyperText Mark-up Language
HTML - HyperText Mark-up Language
HTML is a markup language used to create HTML documents.

HTML documents allow plain text to be formatted (bold, italic, etc), as well as being able to specify hyperlinks, images and more.

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HTML document files have either a .htm or .html extension. e.g. some_document.html

The first public draft of HTML was published in October 1991, by Englishman Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the WorldWideWeb).

HTML is an application of the (SGML) Standard Generalised Markup Language which is the international standard for Markup. It is a standard format for hypertext documents which includes web pages and alike.

HTML tags (elements) are special words which have different effects. A tag starts with the < (less than) symbol and ends with a > (greater than) symbol.

For instance, the tag to create a title for a HTML document is written as <TITLE>. HTML tags require a second tag to stop the effect, these tags are started with </ and end with >. For example the tag to denote the end of the page title is </TITLE>.
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