What does Bluetooth mean and what is it?

Bluetooth refers to a wireless technology which allows digital devices to easily transfer files at high speed. Bluetooth is common in many portable devices such as laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

The amount of products that utilise Bluetooth technology is growing rapidly in all sectors of the tech market, some of the devices that use Bluetooth technology include: Gaming devices, medical instruments, printers, audio and visual devices, automotive systems, GPS, and many more.
To allow your home/office computer to use Bluetooth wireless technology (if it doesn't already) you need to purchase a special adaptor, these come in a few forms, the easiest to install and configure is the USB Bluetooth adaptor.

Other common adaptors include PCI cards which are fairly easy to install, you can follow our guide in the upgrade section to installing a PCI card.

The Bluetooth technology was first developed by Ericsson in 1994 for use in their wireless earpieces. In 1998 Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba got together and formed a Special Interest Group (SIG) to further develop and standardise the Bluetooth technology, with the first standard released in 1999.

Bluetooth specifications:
  • Bluetooth 1.2
    • Data Throughput: 721Kbps
  • Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
    • Practical Data Throughput: 2.1Mbps
    Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR
    • This specification introduced SSP (simple secure pairing), which increased the security of the data transfer, as well as improving fundamental pairing.
    Bluetooth v3.0 + HS
    • Provides higher data transfer rates of up to 24 Mbit/s using Bluetooth to establish the connection and a 802.11 link to transfer the data.
    Bluetooth v4.0 (Bluetooth Smart)
    • The v4.0 specification incorporates several Bluetooth protocols, including Classic Bluetooth, which provides the legacy protocols, and Bluetooth high speed. This specification, as in v3.0, takes advantage of Wi-Fi for the actual transfer of data.
For more info regarding Bluetooth technology visit: The Official Bluetooth Website.

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