What is a BLOG and what does BLOG mean?


A BLOG refers to a public webpage which is published by either an individual or a group of individuals.

BLOGS are used to comment on all sorts of topics, depending on the interests of the blogger (author).
Originally, blogs were the work of a single author or in some cases several authors. However, the popularity of blogging has spread into the wider publishing arena with many news outlets using blogs to engage their readers online.

In contrast to a traditional website which may be updated irregularly, a BLOG is usually updated frequently, maybe weekly, daily, or even several times a day, it all depends on the blogger. A blog could probably be considered stale if it was not updated for several months.

One reason for the massive surge in published blogs is the ease of use of its software. Most blogging applications make it very easy to create your own blog with no technical knowledge at all. This has enabled writers from all backgrounds to get their content online.

Most blogs enable the visitors to post comments and/or suggestions allowing interactivity between the blogger and the visitors.

To find an existing blog on a topic that interests you try: The term blogging describes the actual act of creating or updating a blog.

There are many tools to help you start your own blog including this one from Blogger.com.

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