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Welcome to HelpwithPCs, your online resource for getting the most out of your PC.

Within the site we cover many PC-related topics. Including a guide to the Internet, handy maintenance tips, guide to upgrading, a dictionary of terms and more.

Computer course section

The course section is one we are continually adding to. In this section you will find hardware, software and other PC-related tutorials.

The hardware tutorials look at the internal components of a PC, detailing their uses, functions and specifications.

We also include some network-related topics, such as a detailed look at network topologies.

We have included some basic computer arithmetic tutorials for those who want to extend their knowledge, starting with binary numbers.

The Web design and HTML sections are designed to be a reference for people starting off in the world of HTML and web design. They include a guide to the set of HTML tags, a list of ISO 8859 codes and a list of HTTP status codes. Additionally, we have included a guide to web hosting packages.

Computer Dictionary

The searchable computer dictionary is aimed at people who don't really understand what the man in the computer shop is talking about. It is added to regularly and should provide a simple explanation of most IT (Information Technology) phrases and acronyms.

The terms are split into categories including hardware and software, Internet related, measurement, multimedia, and networking.

Tips and Tricks Section

The tips & tricks section is updated regularly to include different computer software.

In this section you will find tips for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook.

We cover various ways of getting the most out of your software, such as personalisation and time-saving keyboard shortcuts. We also include some security tips for web browsers, including deleting cookies and step-by-step guides to erasing your web history.

We use screenshots to make things easier and there is also a printer friendly page with some of the tutorials, which helps make the task easier offline.

Computer Maintenance Guide

The maintenance guide will give you a number of useful ideas in order to keep your computer healthy and to ensure that it doesn't get slowed down by files that you don't need. This section contains guides including backing up and how to clean your mouse and your keyboard.

Computer Upgrading Section

The upgrading section will take you step-by-step through the most common upgrading tasks.

Each illustrated guide includes instructions in plain English to take you safely through the process from start to finish.

Our current guides include RAM installation (desktop PC and laptops) and installing an additional (or changing) a hard disk drive in a desktop PC. Additionally, we take you through video card and PCI card installation. We also include a guide to POST beep codes for when things go wrong.

Internet Guide

The Internet guide has information regarding Internet child safety, email & email providers, a guide to the different types of Internet connections and more.

The child safety section deals with the risks that the Internet can pose to our children. It covers some basic ways to make the Internet safer for children.

The email section gives examples of what the different free email providers have to offer, as well as a beginner's guide to email, which explains email-related jargon and how the email system works.

The Internet connection guide looks at the different types of connection available, along with their benefits and examples of their performance.

The SPAM guide includes some tips for helping to decrease the amount of SPAM you receive as well as how to report it.

Buying Guides

The buying guide section is designed to help you make an informed purchase of various computer related products. It includes individual guides to laptops & notebooks, external hard drives, printers, monitors, MP3 players and computer speakers. Each guide includes an overview of the device's features along with explanations of any related jargon.

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